Nikko is a pioneer local Hong Kong brand with over 30 years of history. It built a reputation for itself as a practical, comprehensive and quality-driven brand. Throughout the years, Nikko has one simple and straight forward mission: to become a well renowned Chinese brand in outdoor field.

To achieve this mission, Nikko has developed 6 core values for the brand:

Support Environment

Cooperate with Green Sense since 30th Anniversary. An eco-friendly program name “Nikko Young Eco-Explorer Program” started in 2010, with purpose to put green ideas into action. In 2013, Nikko starts to apply eco friendly materials on it products.

Care for the Community

Rewarded by the “Caring Company” Award since 2006, certifying the company’s dedication fulfilling its social responsibilities.

Value its teammates

Organize company trip for the staffs and there family members. Communication between staffs and the sense of belonging can be built throughout the journey.

Value talented people

Brand needs refreshment by ideas. Idea needs innovation of new workforce.

Strive for advancement

Emphasis on product development and innovative design, targeting to generate conceptual impact to the market.

Sustainable development

Provide free playgroup and interest class to staffs such as Wing Chun. Nikko wishes its teammate can learn and relax throughout the class and develop multi talents.