• 3- Layer
    Material in 3 layers to combine advanced breathability and waterproof functions
    • 2-Layer
      Material in 2 layers to combine good breathability and waterproof functions
      • World Explorer
        Premium class of Nikko items
        • Aquadry
          Nikko R&D waterproof and breathable technology on fabric, with MVTR starts from 5000
          • Downproof
            A special treatment applied on the fabric to avoid down leakage
            • Fill Power 700
              One common standard for Down. It refers to the fluffiness of one ounce of down in a Plexiglas cylinder compressed by a weighted piston
              • Double Collar
                Double folding collar design provides better protection from the sunlight
                • 吸濕排汗
                  Absorb moisture and relieve sweat to the fabric surface
                  • WR
                    Water liquid will be drained away from the fabric surface and keep the inside fresh and dry. Water will not be absorbed by the fabric under little rain
                    • Sympatex
                      Fabric offer consumers the feel of cotton with the benefits of advanced fiber technology
                      • Vibram
                        A well known outsole among the outdoor and mountaineering community
                        • Aquadry2
                          Water membrane which is also water resistant, waterproof and breathable
                          • Thinsulate
                            The word itself has explained everything; thin and insulate. It is a better product than synthetic fiber in terms of ‘thin’ and warmer than down in terms of ‘insulate’
                            • Pac-A-Down
                              Down is reversible to pouch and it offers easy to carry benefit
                              • Thermolite
                                It provides warmth and comfort without weight, even when wet
                                • UPF
                                  Rating of % UV radiation blocking
                                  • 3- Collar
                                    Extended collar to protect the skin from sunburn
                                    • 3M Scotchgard
                                      Applied on fabric to offer moisture wicking ability
                                      • Organic Cotton
                                        Eco-friendly material to enhance water and soil quality
                                        • Nature Series
                                          Nikko Love Nature, Loyal to Nature Series
                                          • Heritage Series
                                            Nikko 1979 Heritage Series
                                            • Aquadry3
                                              Nikko R&D waterproof technology on footwear, with 15000 waterproof flexes up
                                              • Ortholite
                                                A next level of insole with breathability, moisture wicking, spring back technology and more
                                                • Air Comfort II
                                                  Wind gap from metal frame backing helps to extract heat
                                                  • Quick Adjust
                                                    An adjust system offers more flexibility on the height adjust to the user
                                                    • Easy Adjust
                                                      A high stability and easy adjust backing system
                                                      • Air Tunnel
                                                        Tunnel on backing helps to drain out hot air
                                                        • Light Fit
                                                          Light and fit backing to decrease the backpack burden and thus the sweat
                                                          • Duraflex
                                                            Good quality and famous buckle
                                                            • Kolon
                                                              Good quality Korean famous fabric
                                                              • Speed Adjust
                                                                An advance system on backing which makes adjustment quicker and easier
                                                              • 3- Layer


                                                                World Explorer



                                                                Fill Power 700

                                                                Double Collar










                                                                3- Collar

                                                                3M Scotchgard

                                                                Organic Cotton

                                                                Nature Series

                                                                Heritage Series




                                                                Air Comfort II

                                                                Quick Adjust

                                                                Easy Adjust

                                                                Air Tunnel

                                                                Light Fit



                                                                Speed Adjust