Cooperation with different parties

Teamwork defines as cooperation within the company. Nikko takes it in a broad sense. We believe the power and influence can be multiplied through working closely with different associations and in a long term relation. Through these connections, we aim at improving the society we are living in.

As a responsible corporate which care about the community, here are the associations we are supporting:

Sowers Action

A NGO focus on subsiding children in rural district of China in education. For years we cooperate with Sowers Action in different ways to support their activities and development.

Green Sense

A charitable institution since 2010, aiming at improving environmental condition by monitoring. Nikko started it’s cooperation with Green Sense since then and has setup a “Youth Eco-Explorer Program” in order to propagate knowledge regarding the environment and importance of conservation to the youth of Hong Kong.

BC Rangers

Nikko is passionate about sport. By communicated with this classic football club, we are moved by their “die-hard passion” towards local football and their positive attitude about youth training scheme. Hence we started doing sponsorship to the club for some years and put our hopes on the future of Hong Kong football development.

SF Express Cup

A first year sponsorship in 2012 on wakeboard competition. Nikko supported in this exciting water sports because the image ties with the concept of Nikko premium series: World Explorer, a series specially designed for travelers and ourdoor professions to explore and adventure in different parts of the world.

The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA)

A well known Hong Kong association caring of children and youngsters development both physically and mentally. Nikko as a responsible corporate, we do sponsor BGCA’s activity year by year.

Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS)

An organization taking care of disadvantaged and the neglected since 1952. Nikko does not involve in religion but have the same enthusiastic towards its perspective. This is why Nikko engages in cooperation with HKCS. Taking 2011 as an example, we provide spaces of all retail shops to support HKCS’s lottery voucher activity so as to help for the fund raising.